Vijay Prashad

Vijay Prashad is the George and Martha Kellner Professor of South Asian History at Trinity College, Connecticut. He is the author of a number of books, including The Darker Nations: a People's History of the Third World and Arab Spring, Libyan Winter.


  • The State of Bigoted Violence: Radical Perspectives on Orlando

    In an appearance on KPFA’s Flashpoints, Yasmin Nair and Vijay Prashad, alongside other commentators, addressed the state’s role in the normalization of anti-LGBTQ violence, the co-optation of queer struggles, and contradictory media responses to the Orlando attack.

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  • Our Vigil Ends

    This week, Noura Erakat and I have held a virtual vigil at the Verso Books blog to commemorate the 2014 Israeli bombing of Gaza and the ongoing occupation of Palestinian lands. We tried to highlight various aspects of the occupation and war – themes that have occupied us for many years, and that form the central axis of Letters to Palestine, which I edited and to which Noura contributed. Our vigil now ends.

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  • A Book As A Scream Against a War

    I’ve covered wars before. I’ve seen them destroy lives and generations. There is nothing good about them. Nothing clean. People who did not make the decision to go into war often bear the costs of it. There is a liberal desire to believe that civilians have no politics, that they are merely victims. Palestinians in the Occupied Territories are forced into politics because they are a people who are subjugated. They did not ask for the occupation, all of them now being born into it. Most of them are politically against the occupation, but they might not be actively part of the resistance. Yet, Israel makes no distinction between those who are against the occupation as an existential politics and those who are actively against the occupation in a military sense. The bombs destroy the lives of everyone.

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