Juliet Jacques

Juliet Jacques is a freelance writer, best known for the Guardian’s “Transgender Journey”—the first time the gender reassignment process had been serialised for a major British publication. Her column was longlisted for the Orwell Prize in 2011. She was included in the Independent’s Pink List for 2012, 2013 and 2014, and is a regular contributor to the New Statesman. She has also written for Granta, TimeOut, Filmwaves, 3am, the London Review of Books, the New Humanist, the New Inquiry, and many other publications. She lives in London.


  • Trans: A Memoir – An Annotated Playlist

    Juliet Jacques's memoir Trans is punctuated with references to music. From her induction into Manchester's post-punk scene as an undergraduate to her later experiences of the alternative scene in Brighton, Jacques’s participation in the UK independent music scene sets the tone for her memoir. It becomes the refrain to which the writer returns throughout her personal exploration of the debates that comprise transgender politics.

    Jacques has compiled a soundtrack to her experiences as a writer who takes herself as subject. The result is, as described by the Guardian, "An honest, articulate account of one life so far".

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  • In Memoriam: Mark Fisher (1968-2017)

    Juliet Jacques pays tribute to Mark Fisher aka k-punk, who died on Friday 13th January, 2017. Our thoughts are with Mark's family, friends and colleagues at Repeater

    Please donate to this collection organised by Mark's friends, comrades and colleagues to raise money for his wife and son, in the hope that it will allow them space to grieve and come to terms with their loss, and reduce the number of things they have to deal with at this devastating time. 

    It feels particularly cruel to have lost Mark Fisher at this moment, when his passionate and incisive voice is needed more than ever. A rare example of a popular British academic, Mark was renowned for his work on culture, politics, and mental health, from the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit in the late 1990s, through his influential k-punk blog of the mid-2000s, to his publications with Zero and Repeater Books, most famously Capitalist Realism (2009), but also Ghosts of My Life (2014) and most recently The Weird and the Eerie (2017)

    Mark was notable for confronting life’s harshest realities head-on, offering an unflinching analysis of neoliberalism and how it enforced its hegemony by colonising the minds of its subjects. His work on depression epitomised his approach: he took something that has been characterised as a modern epidemic and moved it from a medical context to a social one, emphasising that we live at a time when class consciousness and collective politics are at a historical low, and when the promotion of cruelty, selfishness and self-blame have become integral to the maintenance of the established order.

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  • The Pigeonhole are serializing Trans to celebrate its paperback release!

    On Monday 7 November, the Pigeonhole will be launching their serialization of Juliet Jacques' memoir Trans, to celebrate its publication in paperback on 15 November. Trans will be published on the Pigeonhole over the course of several days in bite-sized instalments (called staves) and members of the Pigeonhole will be invited to read the book together, to discuss it, and to interact with its themes and issues, both within the Pigeonhole edition and more widely on social media.

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