Federico De Roberto

Federico De Roberto (1861–1927) was an Italian writer who became well-known for his novel I Vicerè (1894), translated as The Viceroys.


  • Coarse and Rancid: Franco Moretti on Federico De Roberto's classic novel

    The Viceroys, written in 1894 by Federico De Roberto, is an unsung classic of the Italian realist literature. The novel narrativises the political and social effects of the Italy's unification in the nineteenth century; using a multitude of voices to create a vivid panorama of this epoch in Sicily. The titular 'Viceroys' are the Uzedas: a devious upper-class family, who find their aesthetic kin in George Grosz's drawings of cigar-sucking, fat cats, or Goya's foreboding and sullen family tableaus. 

    Franco Moretti's introduction to the novel scrutinises the
     depiction of the monstrous ruling classes—we share the foreword here to mark the publication of this lost classic. 

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