Laura Flanders

Laura Flanders is the host of “The Laura Flanders Show” on Air America Radio. She is the editor of The W Effect: Bush’s War on Women and the author of Real Majority, Media Minority: The Cost of Sidelining Women in Reporting.


  • Elite, White Feminism Gave Us Trump: It Needs to Die

    When my cat died suddenly on the night before Election Day, I knew Donald Trump would be elected president, and I began to mourn both events at once. It was one of those moments of superstitious premonition  amplified by the fact that she was a black cat and I’d long referred to her as my familiar  that seem spooky only when they then turn out to be true. Before she died, I’d assumed, along with nearly everyone else in New York City, that Hillary Clinton would win.

    After all, how could a competent, experienced politician lose to a crudely bigoted caveman? Why would working people  many of them struggling in Midwestern towns whose economies no longer thrive  vote for a man made famous by yelling “You’re Fired” on television? Even more curiously, why would an accused serial rapist receive more white female votes than a qualified woman?

    Blame the elite feminism that Clinton represents.

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  • Who Cares if Hillary is Warm? I Care About Her Wars

    Laura Flanders, host of The Laura Flanders Show and a contributor to our upcoming anthology edited by Liza Featherstone, False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Clinton, writes about how Clinton’s record on war invalidates her “feminist” credentials. This piece was originally aired on a broadcast of The Laura Flanders Show.

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