Georg Lukács

Georg Lukács (1885-1971) was a Hungarian Marxist philosopher and literary critic. Most scholars consider him to be the founder of the tradition of Western Marxism. He contributed the ideas of reification and class consciousness to Marxist philosophy and theory, and his literary criticism was influential in thinking about realism and about the novel as a literary genre. He served briefly as Hungary's Minister of Culture following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.


  • “History has a habit of intruding”: Save the Lukács Archive

    As the Hungarian government moves to close the archives of the Marxist philosopher and political theorist Georg Lukács, we share an article originally published by RS21 opposing the closure.

    The Hungarian government is threatening to close the Georg Lukács Archive. Anyone with an interest in the role that intellectuals have played in left-wing politics should be appalled at such a possibility, writes Joe Sabatini. Sign the petition to keep it open here.

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  • Lenin remembered!: A reading list

    In order to commemorate Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who died on this day 92 years ago, we present a reading list of books that respond to, critique and chronicle Lenin's life and work. The books in this library emphasise the intervention and impact he made in Marxist discourse, most evident in the juncture between theory and practice. 

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