Naomi Klein


  • Verso authors declare support for student debt strike

    On Monday, February 23, fifteen former students of Corinthian Colleges Inc., a network of for-profit colleges, declared a debt strike by refusing to repay their federal loans. Taking a bold and unprecendented stand on the current student debt crisis, the Corinthian 15, who are members of the Debt Collective, are demanding that the Department of Education discharge their debts, as well as those of former and current Corinthian students. 

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  • "Obama's Pipeline Mess" — Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben on the green cronyism scandal

    Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben, author of the introduction to I'm with the Bears a collection of short stories by world-class novelists envisioning the terrors of impending climate change  have written an article for The Daily Beast on the green cronyism scandals putting the environment and Obama's reputation at stake.

    The Solyndra solar panel manufacturer loan controversy is getting a great deal of attention in the US due to allegations that the Obama administration may have unduly influenced the loan. However, Klein and McKibben argue in this article that "there's a far, far bigger Obama cronyism scandal breakingand in this case, there's still time for the president to step in and stop it."

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