Michele Wallace

Michele Wallace is currently Professor of English at CUNY’s Graduate Center and City College. She is a leading black feminist cultural critic and writer. She is the author of numerous books, including Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman and Invisibility Blues.


  • Acts of Dissent Through History

    The Verso Book of Dissent: Revolutionary Words from Three Millennia of Rebellion and Resistance is a compendium of revolt and resistance throughout the ages, updated to include resistance to war and economic oppression from Beijing and Cairo to Moscow and New York City.

    To celebrate the release of the new edition - 50% off at the moment as part of our end-of-year sale
    we've present a selection of key moments of dissent from the book.

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  • The Correct Handling of a Revolution by Huey P. Newton

    To celebrate both Black History Month and the 50th anniversary of Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale's founding of the Black Panther Party on October 15th, we present Newton’s The Correct Handling of a Revolution from 1967. In this speech Newton compels the party to ‘show the people how to stage a revolution’. He is adamant that the function of the Party is, through demonstration, to teach an adoptable method of resistance. To spread the movement through the thirty million strong Black community in America, the Party must teach by experience. Newton puts forth both the importance of the Party’s relationship with the wider Black community, and that of internal relations, he compels for a united party against the oppressions faced, and still faced today, by the Black community. A succinct statement on the inner-workings and outward purpose of the Black Panther Party, Newton’s words still resonate today.

    We present this piece in celebration of Black History Month and the launch of our Radical Thinkers set 13. These titles include seminal works of black radicalism, from WEB Du Bois to Manning Marable

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  • Black History Month Reading List

    In the United Kingdom, October is Black History Month. The celebration was originally introduced in 1926 on the initiative of Carter G. Woodson, the editor of the Journal of Negro History. In 2007, no fewer than 6,000 events were held in the UK as part of its programme. 

    In November, we will be launching set 13 of the Radical Thinkers series focussing on Black radicalism, including WEB Du Bois’s autobiographical essay
    Darkwater, and Michele Wallace’s consideration of the late-twentieth century black female experience in America, Invisibility Blues.

    To mark Black History Month, we're proud to present Verso titles past and present that are essential to the study and celebration of African and Caribbean history.

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