Aaron Brenner

Aaron Brenner is President of Rank & File Enterprises, a financial and labor research firm.


  • The working-class in the saddle: A reading list for May Day

    The 1st of May marks International Workers' Day, a festival of working-class self-organisation stretching back over 130 years. It was originally inaugurated to commemorate the "Haymarket Massacre" of 1886 in Chicago, where a bomb thrown during a worker's strike kicked off a police crackdown followed by a period of anti-labor hysteria.

    In 1890, the first internationally co-ordinated demonstration for an 8-hour day was held, in commemoration of those killed in the massacre, and those eight anarchists executed on trumped-up charges after the event.

    Here, Verso staff present "A Reading List for May Day", looking at the radical history of the festival in the European and North American labor movements, and how that spirit lives on in grassroots workplace struggles.

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  • ZNet finds seeds of Rebel Rank and File in 1967 Stan Weir article

    On ZNet, John Borsos begins his review of Rebel Rank and File with the prescient observations of militant labor activist Stan Weir, who noted in a 1967 article that “the rank and file union revolts that have been developing in the industrial workplaces since the 1950s are now plainly visible.”

    Borsos finds in Weir’s article a foretelling of the revolts that followed:

    The unrest that Weir first recognized in 1967 evolved into a massive insurgency:  the strike activity of the 1970s reached levels not experienced since the strike wave of 1946; insurgent challenges occurred in most of the country’s major unions, including the United Mine Workers, the United Steel Workers, the United Auto Workers, the Teamsters, the United Rubber Workers and other unions; workers rejected contracts by their union leaders in record numbers; and previously unorganized workers, imbued with the social movement activism of the anti-war, civil rights and women’s movement, among others, pushed labor unions into organizing previously unorganized sectors.

    Not only did Weir’s article signal “labor’s new era” of rank-and-file militancy, but Borsos finds in the article the seeds of the book Rebel Rank and File, which covers those days of “insurgencies from below.”

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  • "A spirited volume"—Choice reviews Rebel Rank and File

    In a new review for Choice, Rebel Rank and File: Labor Militancy and Revolt from Below During the Long 1970s is described as a "spirited volume," and Steve Early's concluding essay as "a call to arms to today's workers and potential activists."

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