Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour is a writer, broadcaster and socialist, currently based in London. He writes regularly for the Guardian, the London Review of Books, Jacobin and many other publications.


  • Political Theory Undergraduate Reading List

    Your campus needn’t be a hotbed of communist activity for you to be armed with the proper theory this school year. Prepare to debate your professors and peers with Verso’s Political Theory 101 syllabus.

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  • FREE EBOOK - Richard Seymour on the coup against Corbyn and the future of Labour

    In Corbyn: Against All Oddsa free ebook available to download now - Richard Seymour unpicks the latest attempt to unseat Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership of the Labour Party. In doing so he answers some of the most pressing questions of British politics; can Corbyn hang on to the leadership? Will the election lead to a split in the party? What are Labour's chances for 2020? And just who is Owen Smith?

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  • Labour After the Earthquake

    Martin O'Neill, Senior Lecturer of University of York, analyses the response from the Labour right against Jeremy Corbyn. 

    As I write these words at 2 pm on Monday 27 June, the parliamentary Labour Party’s coup against their current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, looks unstoppable, with more than twenty shadow ministers offering their resignations. Those quitting include not only those identified with the right and centre of the party, but also a number, such as Angela Eagle, Lisa Nandy and Owen Smith, associated with the party’s soft left. Corbyn’s days as leader may be numbered, but Labour has an enormous task on hand to offer the country a vision of how to move forward from the political and economic earthquake of the Brexit vote.

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