Jeffrey Wasserstrom reviews Wang Hui's The End of the Revolution for the Los Angeles Times


Jeffrey Wasserstrom, co-founder of The China Beat and author of China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know, has reviewed Wang Hui's The End of the Revolution for the Los Angeles Times, rightly describing Wang as "one of China's leading historians and most interesting and influential public intellectuals."

In recent years, China has undergone a series of dramatic transformations. Some are so profound they've rendered obsolete the very terms once used to describe the country. Can we still refer to China's cities as Third World, now that Shanghai has more skyscrapers than all of America's West Coast cities combined? And can we call the country Communist when the party has cap italist members and a military wing that sometimes seems like a diversified corporation? (The fanciest Beijing hotel I've ever stayed in was owned by the Red Army.)

Visit the Los Angeles Times to read the review in full.

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