New Left Review - March/April issue out now!


NLR 86, March-April 2014

The latest issue of NLR features a symposium of three critics from contrasting philosophical backgrounds engaging with key arguments in Malcolm Bull's Anti-Nietzsche, as well a reply to his critics from Bull himself.

Peter Dews reflects on the characteristic critical dynamics of European philosophy since Kant, then moves to an assessment of one of the main philosophical issues at stake—the role of transcendental argument in the thesis of will to power—and a detailed discussion of Heidegger’s relation to Nietzsche and nihilism. The question of transcendental claims recurs in Raymond Geuss’s contribution, along with the matter, much debated, of the philosopher’s perspectivism and the problems of egalitarianism, with particular reference to Marx. The last of these problem-areas is the special focus of Kenta Tsuda’s critique, in which distributive justice is the framing concern and a theory of needs the crux. Malcolm Bull brings the symposium to a close with his reply to critics.

The new issue also includes Robin Blackburn remembering Stuart Hall,  Christopher Prendergast on Franco Moretti's The Bourgeois and Distant Reading, and Nancy Fraser on Marx's 'hidden abode' and an 'expanded conception of capitalism.'

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