Verso at the Eleventh Historical Materialism Conference

The eleventh annual Historical Materialism conference starts on Thursday 6th November. This year’s conference is titled ‘How Capitalism Survives’. The schedule includes a wide array of different thinkers speaking on everything from social reproduction theory to neoliberalism, from Marxist feminism to Walter Benjamin to the relations between race and capital. Many of the most interesting recent research projects and trends in Marxist and radical theory will be represented and discussed.

On Thursday, Peter Hudis will be speaking on a panel discussing 'Rosa Luxemburg's Writings on Revolution'. Peter is the editor of the first volume in our major new Rosa Luxemburg series - The Complete Works of Rosa LuxemburgHe is also a joint editor, alongside  Georg Adler and Annelies Laschitza, of The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg. Both books will be available at the conference. Peter Hudis will also be talking about the new Rosa Luxemburg book at an event at Bookmarks bookshop on Friday evening. 

Benjamin Kunkel will be part of a panel on Friday titled 'Debates in Marxist political economy', presenting a paper called 'Stationary Revolution? Implications for Socialism and Capitalism of an End to Growth'. He is the author of Utopia or Bustpart of our series with Jacobin magazine, which will be available at the Verso book stand.

The plenary on Friday will be the Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Prize Lecture, 'Marxist theory and strategy: getting somewhere better', with authors of The Making of Global Capitalism, Sam Gindin and Leo Panitch, last year's Deutscher Prize winners.

On Saturday there will be a launch of Andrew Feenberg's Philosophy of Praxis: Marx, Lukacs and the Frankfurt School - a reinterpretation of the philosophy of praxis which shows its continuing relevance to contemporary discussions in Marxist political theory, continental philosophy and science and technology studies. 

Jane McAlevey, author of Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell), and Sam Gindin will both presenting on the panel titled 'The Crisis of Labour in the United States' on Saturday morning.

Many other Verso authors will be speaking/chairing at the 4-day conference, including:

Richard Seymour
Esther Leslie
Alberto Toscano
Nikil Saval
Bruno Bosteels
Peter Hallward

Verso will have a stall at the Historical Materialism conference, where books by these authors, and many others, will be on sale (at a discounted price!).