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Our Radical Thinkers series publishes beautifully designed important works of theory and philosophy, including work from radical thinkers such as Walter Benjamin, Judith Butler, Chantal Mouffe, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Derrida, Theodor Adorno and many more.

First launched in 2005, there are now over 100 books in the series. In 2009, Set 4 was launched with a sleek, acclaimed new cover design from Rumors, which has become a hallmark of the series. Recent collections have been themed, with sets focusing on Black Radicalism (with books from Angela Davis and W.E.B. Du Bois), Feminist Theory, Economics, and Psycoanalytics. 

Now is the time to challenge yourself with some new reading, discover thinkers that haven't previously been on your radar, as well as tick off the books you've always been meaning to read, with 50% off the entire series! 

See our Radical Thinkers Guide for reading suggestions, and see the full series here.

Note: sale ends on Sunday February 25, 23.59 EST. Bundled ebooks are included with print purchase (where available!) - if you don't see an ebook, then sadly one does not currently exist! Not all books are available in all regions - some may be out of stock or go out of stock during the sale.

Here are some of our recent and best-selling highlights!

With race and the police once more burning issues, this classic work from one of America’s giants of black radicalism has lost none of its prescience or power.

A reflection on everyday existence in the 'sphere of consumption of late Capitalism', this work is Adorno's literary and philosophical masterpiece.

In this urgent response to violence, racism and increasingly aggressive methods of coercion, Judith Butler explores the media’s portrayal of armed conflict, a process integral to how the West prosecutes its wars.

Sensitive but uncompromising socialist-feminist critique of the nuclear family.

A tour de force of the materialist semiotics of the early Baudrillard.

Influential exploration of the idea of friendship and its political consequences.

An intense and lively debate on literature and art between thinkers who became some of the great figures of twentieth-century philosophy and literature.

Reveals the convergence of perception and destruction in the parallel technologies of warfare and cinema.

One of the most powerful voices in contemporary French philosophy explodes the facile assumptions behind the recent ethical turn.

In this hugely influential book, Laclau and Mouffe examine the workings of hegemony and contemporary social struggles, and their significance for democratic theory.

See our Radical Thinkers Guide for reading suggestions, and see the full series here. 50% off ends on Sunday, February 25, 23.59 EST.