Politics Theory Other: On the lockdown 'sceptics' w/ Richard Seymour


Richard Seymour discusses his recent blogpost on the so-called lockdown sceptics, and in particular the work of Toby Green and his book 'The Covid Consensus: The Global Assault on Democracy and the Poor—A Critique from the Left'. We talked about the straw man arguments, factual inaccuracies and conspiratorial thinking that characterise the book and the lockdown sceptic literature more generally. We also talked about why parts of the left have been receptive to some of this work and also what to make of the alliance between some self-styled anti-woke leftists and religious conservatives.

Listen to this episode of Politics Theory Other here.

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Past episodes include Judith Butler on nonviolence, Adam Tooze on the war economy of Nazi Germany, Amia Srinivasan on Sex and the Politics of Desire, and Philip Mirowski on Covid19 and neoliberalism.

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