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Podcast: hip hop—the global voice of revolution?

Decca Muldowney27 April 2012

Recently, we have seen hip hop become prominent in political struggles in Senegal and across the Middle East. In a new podcast, Caspar Melville, editor of the New Humanist, talks to Sujatha Fernandes, author of Close to the Edge: In Search of a Global Hip Hop Generation, about the way hip hop interacts with local politics, the issue of rap's commercialization, whether hip hop has revolutionary potential, and Fernandes's 11 year search for a global hip hop generation.

Visit Pod Academy to listen to the podcast.

Fernandes includes some songs from some of the acts she writes about in the book, which you can check out below:

1.     'Se Busca' by Obsesion, a husband and wife duo from Havana, Cuba.

2.      'Masrah Deeb' by Deeb

3.     'Coup de Guele' by Keurgui Crew