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Subversive Film Festival livestream

Rowan Wilson14 May 2012

The Future of Europe in Zagreb

Subversive Forum - Zagreb - May 13-19 Live-streaming: Žižek, Ali, Spivak, Cassen, Hardt, Sassen, Salecl, Marazzi, Amin and many others.

Each day from May 13 until May 19 Zagreb will be the center of leftist thought gathered around the central theme "The Future of Europe". More info here.

Although the accession of Croatia to the European Union is a political act with numerous consequences, there was no serious discussion about accession either before the referendum nor afterwards. But it is not news that the European Union is facing its biggest crisis since it was created. It is at the same time an economic, financial, social and ideological crisis of the project. Across the continent, instead of solidarity we are witnessing the dictatorship of the financial sector, new austerity measures and the rise of the extreme right. Within the last few months, new austerity measures and structural adjustments, changes to labor laws and privatizations have been the cause of mass protests on the streets of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Romania and Hungary. The European Union's internal turmoil as well as the economic, financial, social and ideological crisis of the European project are the main topics of this year's Subversive Forum.

Verso will stream all keynote lectures and round-tables from 19.00-21.00 and 21.00-23.00 CET:

1) Opening round-table "The Crisis of Europe", Saturday 13.5. / 19.00: with Slavoj Žižek, Gianni Vattimo, Tariq Ali & Srećko Horvat

2) Keynote lecture, 14.5. / 19.00 Saskia Sassen, "The Global Street: making the political"

3) Round-table "The long wave of dissent: from social forums to occupy", 15.5. / 19.00 with Samir Amin, Bernard Cassen, Eric Toussaint & Toni Prug

4) Keynote lecture, 15.5. / 21.00 Tariq Ali, "The rotten heart of Europe"

5) Round-table "Commons in Europe - old or new battleground?", 16.5. / 21.00, with Michael Hardt, Costas Douzinas, Segolene Pruvot & Vedran Horvat

6) Keynote lecture, Michael Hardt, "What to do in a crisis?", 17.5. / 21.00

7) Keynote lecture, Gayatri Spivak, "Future, pasts, languages - Balkans", 18.5. / 21.00