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Communism, A New Beginning? conference now online

Ryan Healey14 June 2012

We're pleased to finally post video from our Communism, A New Beginning? conference from back in October in the debut of our incredibly novel YouTube page. It's an interesting look back to a weekend of what was the first month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street; around when Étienne Balibar spoke on "Communism as Commitment, Imagination, and Politics," peaceful protesters just uptown at Times Square were arrested and en route to Central Booking.

Here is a guide to the talks given at this conference:


Alain Badiou: Politics and State, Mass Movement and Terror (presented by Bruno Bosteels)

Frank Ruda: Remembering the Impossible. For a Meta-critical Anamnesis of Communism



Bruno Bosteels: On the Christian Question


Susan Buck-Morss: Communism and Ethics


Adrian Johnston: From Scientific Socialism to Socialist Science: Naturdialektik Then and Now


Étienne Balibar: Communism as Commitment, Imagination, and Politics



Jodi Dean: Communist Desire


Slavoj Žižek: Freedom in the Clouds


Watch all eleven and a half hours of the conference on our playlist here.