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J. Hoberman interviewed in the Wall Street Journal

Ryan Healey27 August 2012

In the Wall Street Journal, J. Hoberman discusses the scope of his new book, Film After Film: (Or, What Became of 21st Century Cinema?)as a historicization of cinema in a period marked by "proliferation of digital technology, the ubiquity of viral culture and the aftershocks of 9/11." Hoberman says:

One of the points I make in the book is that, in some respects, even though digital technology has changed the whole ontology of motion pictures, by taking it out of photography, at least theoretically, it also has allowed motion pictures to be more themselves. I love old movies, and my preferred way to look at things is projected on a big screen. But I feel like a realist in terms of what's going on and I'm interested in how the technology develops in tandem with what artists decide to do.

Vist the Wall Street Journal to read the interview in full.

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