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In New York, a screening of Juan González's new documentary

Molly Osberg25 September 2012

For our New York readers, we've just received word that a screening of "Harvest of Empire," a feature-length documentary based on the work of award-winning journalist and Verso author Juan González, is set to take place at the Quad Cinema this Friday.

González, who recently published the paperback edition of the best-selling News For All the People: The Epic Story of Race and The American Media with Verso Books, uses his investigative prowess to tell another crucial counter-history in "Harvest of Empire," based on his book by the same name. In addressing the current immigration crisis, the film explores the connections between U.S. intervention abroad and the swelling waves of migration from Latin America. As González reminds us at the beginning of the film: 

They never teach us in school that the huge Latino presence here is a direct result of our own government's actions in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America over many decades — actions that forced millions from that region to leave their homeland and journey north.

Watch Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now discussing Harvest of Empire: