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Levy Takes Manhattan

Julie McCarroll29 September 2010

Gideon Levy capped off his seven-city tour across North America this week with a standing-room-only talk hosted by Mahmood Mamdani at Columbia University. Levy jokingly offered to stay all evening to answer questions for the audience, and we were willing to test his resolve. Sadly, the night came to an end, but Mahmood Mamdani left us with the hopeful assurance that political engagement is critical: "Change will come no matter what. If we remain involved, we can negotiate a soft landing."

For those who were turned away because the room was full: C-Span has taped the event, and will likely air it in October. Stay tuned for a posting!

Levy's book, The Punishment of Gaza, was published only four months ago, but has already gone into its second printing.