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We're going ahead and calling this the "Dean Scream"

Jennifer Pan20 November 2012

Jodi Dean recently spoke to Full Stop, Vice's Motherboard, and the New Left Project about her provocative and potentially very contentious new book, The Communist Horizon. Released a month ago, The Communist Horizon charts the re-emergence of communism as a magnet for political energy following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the stalling of the Occupy movement.

In reflecting on the experiences of Occupy, Dean posits that relying on spontaneous action is not enough, and that the collective desire for a communist horizon must be marshaled by a political party. In a movement dominated by the language of autonomy and horizontalism, this call has generated more than a few smart discussions on the next stages of revolution, and established Dean as a rising political theorist. Below, a few choice quotes from her recent interviews:

"The claim that Facebook and Twitter were the keys to the Arab Spring were attempts to capture revolutionary energies within the logic of communicative capitalism." (Motherboard)

"I want to encourage Leftists who have been influenced by Deleuze, Hardt and Negri, identity politics, and all this swarmy stuff to think more seriously about tighter organizational structures." (Full Stop)

"'Communist' is the one word we have that signals anti-capitalism more than anything else. Really, when the anti-capitalist left uses the word 'democracy' they are signalling their own accommodation with capitalism." (New Left Project)

Dean in conversation with Bruno Bosteels and Astra Taylor at the Brecht Forum:

Visit Motherboard, New Left Project, and Full Stop to read the interviews in full.