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Robert Barnett interviewed on Democracy Now!

Clara Heyworth18 February 2010

Robert Barnett, Director of the Modern Tibetan Studies Program at Columbia University and author of the introduction to The Struggle for Tibet (Wang Lixiong and Tsering Shakya), was interviewed this morning on Democracy Now! where he spoke to Amy Goodman and and Juan Gonzales about the Dalai Lama's US visit, relations with China and the particular importance of the work of Wang Lixiong.

We are seeing changes in China. There are very important discussions coming on this. This writer who I've been working with, Wang Lixiong, an enormously significant intellectual, who's starting to use terms like "cultural imperialism" to describe China's way of treating Tibetans. These conversations are beginning to emerge inside China. Very significant. But it's going to be a long time before they lead to real policy changes in the leadership of China. That's going to take time. [Robert Barnett]


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