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'No Better Model' - Red Pepper's Review of The Making of Global Capitalism

Matthew Cole12 December 2012

Patrick Bond, professor of political economy, has given Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin's The Making of Global Capitalism a glowing review in Red Pepper Magazine.

He attests that the book is "better than anything else now available" at revealing "Washington’s combined, uneven and fatally contradictory processes of imperialist expansion, catastrophic financialisation, excessively liberalised trade, intensifying class struggle and crisis mismanagement."

Panich and Gindin:
provide a masterful century-long history of US corporate activity and state economic strategy. Insofar as capitalist states are where class interests are codified, their spicy reading of dry officialdom’s milquetoast narratives is absolutely vital to our knowledge about power.

Furthermore, Bond emphasizes the resoluteness of thier political commitment to Marxian principles that critique liberal reformism whilst defending "socialist aspirations." 

Visit Red Pepper to read the review in full.

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