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Public Meeting in Support of Venezuela this Thursday

Lewis Bassett 7 January 2013

Author Tariq Ali is to speak at a demonstration in support of Venezuela as the country remains in political turmoil, with President Hugo Chavez seriously ill in hospital despite being due to be sworn in for another term this Thursday.

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign is calling an emergency public meeting this Thursday against the threat of a right-wing destablisation in the country.

In Hugo Chavez's absence from the National Assembly, VP Nicolás Mauduro has warned that the right-wing opposition plan to ignore the terms of Venezuela's constitution and are making attempts to force a new election.

Mauduro states "They have launched a national and international campaign against the Venezuelan people, looking to take advantage of the circumstances in order to destabilise the country." The objective of these plans is to "reverse and destroy the Bolivarian Revolution" he highlighted.

Chavez, who was re-elected with a record number of votes last October, is currently in Cuba receiving treatment for cancer.


Samuel Moncada, Venezuelan Ambassador,
Tariq Ali, author
Sir Jeremy Corbyn, MP

Thursday, 10th of January, 7pm
Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, London, W15 5DT (nearest tube: Warren Street)

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