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New Left Review - issue 79 out now

Lewis Bassett22 February 2013

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New Left Review 79
is out now featuring the following articles:

Mike Davis: The Last White Election

Surveying the US political landscape, Mike Davis identifies the complex social and geographical determinants of Obama's November victory. Within an increasingly polarized ideological force field, how will the coming struggles between Democratic President and Senate and Republican House unfold?

Kevin Gray: The Political Cultures of South Korea

As Park Geun-Hye assumes the South Korean presidency, Kevin Gray assesses the country's political cultures, and recent attempts by a conservative elite to reinterpret its historical trajectory.

Claude Lévi-Strauss: The Setting Sun

In one of his last interviews, Claude Lévi-Strauss discusses his early literary ambitions, the relation between field work and theory, and the future of anthropology as a discipline.

Christopher Johnson: All Played Out

Christopher Johnson draws out the philosophy of history—at once both catastrophic and optimistic—implicit in Claude Lévi-Strauss’s anthropology.

Jiwel Xiao: A Traveller's Glance

Jiwei Xiao on Antonioni’s detached yet humanizing documentary of the Cultural Revolution, Chung Kuo, the subject of fierce controversy when first shown.

Bolívar Echeverría: Homo Legens

Bolívar Echeverría on the fate of the individual reading subject within the maelstrom of capitalist modernity.

NLR 79 also includes the following book reviews:

Adam Tooze on Michael Mann, The Sources of Social Power, Volume III. A monumental work of historical sociology tackles the global crises of the early 20th century.

Robin Blackburn on David Graeber, Debt: The First 5,000 Years. Money and credit viewed from an anthropologist's longue durée perspective.

Gregor McLennan on Göran Therborn, From Marxism to Post-Marxism? Wide-ranging survey of the legacies and prospects of radical social theory.

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