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Chase Madar on Al Jazeera: The Case of the US vs. Bradley Manning

27 March 2013

Chase Madar on AlJazeera's weekend show Listening Post

“When we don’t get the facts and we don’t know what our government is doing, we know from bitter experience that we wind up with disaster.”

The author of The Passion of Bradley Manning appeared on AlJazeera this weekend for another round of discussion on the trial of Private First Class Bradley Manning with Ed Pilkington of The Guardian, Janet Reitman of Rolling Stone, and whistleblower Jesselyn Radack. The report highlighted the failure of the US mainstream media to cover Manning’s trial, despite the chilling effect it could have on the free speech rights of news reporters and their sources. 

So why has US media continued to ignore Pfc. Manning's case?

Visit AlJazeera to watch Pilkington, Madar and Radack discuss.