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The Lessons of the Global South

Alyssa Goldstein 8 April 2013

Over at Counterpunch, Ron Jacobs reviews Vijay Prashad's book The Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global SouthJacobs calls Prashad's work "as detailed and well-cited as anything written by Noam Chomsky," a tale of both fury and hope: 

Most fundamentally, Prashad’s book is a full frontal assault on neoliberal capitalism. Deservedly, he spares no political party, bank, or government linked to this most devastating edition of capitalism. Whether the collusion was willingly engaged in or merely the result of an unwillingness to lose personal or political power, Prashad paints a sweeping indictment of those who want to rule the earth with little or no regard for most of its inhabitants.  While keeping firm hold to his left anti-imperialist foundation, Prashad acknowledges the shortcomings of social democrats in their attempts to compromise with the ravenous beast of neoliberal capital.  Naturally, these politicians and parties get some of the blame for the economic devastation caused by the banks and other machinery of that beast; Prashad saves the bulk of the blame, however, for its rightful targets: the IMF, World Bank, finance capital, and the men and women who operate that beast.

Visit Counterpunch to read the review in full.