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Win the entire World History series plus Altai and Žižek tote bags!

Lewis Bassett25 April 2013

Win the entire World History series plus <em>Altai</em> and Žižek tote bags!

To celebrate new additions to Verso's handsome World History series we are giving away all twelve titles plus run up prizes of Altai, Wu Ming's sequel to their debut novel Q.

The World History series present classic works of global history, from the Ancient World to the present day making landmark texts available to a new generation of readers. Covering a timespan stretching from Ancient Greece and Rome to the twentieth century, and with a global geographical range, the series also includes thematic volumes providing insights into such topics as the spread of print cultures and the history of money.

As part of this series Verso recently published Perry Anderson's classic and indispensible books Lineages of the Absolutist State and Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism.

Altai is Wu Ming's follow up novel to the ground breaking Q, which was published under the writing collective's former alias, Luther Blissett. In Altai the mysterious Anabaptist known as El Alamàn returns as our protagonist. With an epic, panoramic sweep that reaches across a Europe scarred by war, Altai went straight into the bestsellers list when first published in Italy.

One winner from the US and one from the UK and rest of world will win all ten available titles in the World History series plus Wu Ming's Altai and a Žižek tote bag. Three runners up from each territory will win a World History title, Altai and the bag.

Winners will be the quickest to answer all four questions when posted at 4pm GMT on Friday 26 April. The first two questions are below.

The email address for entries will be posted with the final two questions at 4pm GMT. Do not email before this time.

Good luck!

This competition is now closed. The answers are below.

Question one:

In Luther Blissett's Q we witness the final battle of the German Peasant's War. On this site the East German government commissioned a major mural, 400 feet long and 45 ft high – who was the artist?

Answer: Werner Tubke.

Question two:

The Münster rebellion haunts the narrative of Luther Blissett’s Q. What monument in the city “hangs right over heads […] as a reminder” to this day?

Answer: Cages - in which the leaders of the rebellion's bodies were displayed.

Question three:

An altai can take two forms – both of which could be very high. What are they?

Answer: It turns out an altai can take more than two forms! The answers we accepted were a mountain range, a type of hawk, a type of sheep, a type of horse, The Altai Republic (an area which encompasses mountains) and a boutique in LA.

Question four:

The Battle of Lepanto features in the novel Altai and the Spring 2013 Verso catalogue includes a painting of the scene – who is the painter? (A pdf of the catalogue can be found somewhere on our website… you may need the eyes of a hawk to find it!)

Answer: H. Letter

To submit your entries:

US and Canada:

UK and rest of world:


First prizes

Tarbjorn Otternsen
Tim O' Neil

Runners up
Bill Bolloten
Bernhard Pirkl
Tanel Pern
Tim Hardy
Wayne Reed
Tanner Servoss

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