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Why It’s Still Kicking Off Everywhere

Lewis Bassett29 April 2013

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Protesters take to the streets of Madrid on Friday as the number of unemployed surpasses 6 million for the first time in Spain’s history.

Two days before International Workers Day and Paul Mason, BBC Journalist and author of Why It's Still Kicking Off Everywhere, asserts a global revoultion is taking place.

"Two years on from the Arab Spring, I’m clearer about what it was that it inaugurated: it is a revolution. In some ways it parallels the revolutions of before – 1848, 1830, 1789 – and there are also echoes of the Prague spring, the US civil rights movement, the Russian ‘mad summer of 1874’ … but in other ways it is unique. Above all, the relationship between the physical and the mental, the political and the cultural, seems to be inverted. There is a change in consciousness, the intuition that something big is possible, that a great change in the world’s priorities is within people’s grasp."

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