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Turkish Police attack civilians near Gezi Park and Taksim Sq.

Alex Doherty15 June 2013

We received this Sunday morning:

Dear friends all over the world, please share this,

Today, following Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's extremely sectarian, separatist, and factious speech in Ankara, around 9 PM, the Turkish police started attacking thousands of people who were having dinner at the Gezi Park and Taksim square. There are kids of 4-5 years old, mothers, and old people among those who are under gas and pressurised water attack. According to reports, police isn't allowing journalists to report on or take pictures from Gezi Park. They are also using pressurised water to attack businesses such as the famous Divan Hotel that opened its doors to protestors running away. People are saying that there are thousands wounded inside the hotel. People formed a human chain in front of the hotel to prevent police to attack. Another report says that people cannot leave the hotel because police is arresting anyone that is seen leaving. There are also unconfirmed reports that police has shut down the metro and boats between Asia and Europe to stop people from joining with the rest. Another report says that there is a jammer in the area to prevent TV stations' broadcast. Hundreds have been wounded. There are a lot of missing kids, or kids who have been separated from their families. Protestors are fighting with police in Sıraselviler, Cihangir, Harbiye, and most likely around Dolmabahçe and Maçka. People call what is going on tonight a total brutality, a real savagery. What we are seeing is an ugly war where only one side has weapons.

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