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Sixth installment of Racecraft podcast with Karen Fields

Jisu Kim17 June 2013

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Karen E. Fields, author of Racecraft: The Soul of Ineqaulity in American Life, was interviewed in dialogue with Dr. Willene Johnson on the sixth installment of the Racecraft dialogue series for the Academic & the Artist radio show. They discuss the political dimensions of Nina Simone’s music, the various dimensions of ideological power, and the negotiation of race even in the most personal relationships.

The previous installment featured Fields and Dr. Natalie Byfield, set against the music of Bob and Ziggy Marley. This music introduces the discussion, leading both guests to begin by exploring their background in African anti-imperialist struggles for freedom with the symbolic figure of Haile Selassie.

Visit the podcast archive at the Intelatin Cloudcast to download or listen to the shows in full.