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Where Do Neoliberals Go After The Market? Podcast with Philip Mirowski

4 July 2013

After the one-day conference 'Where Do Neoliberals Go After The Market', CIM's Will Davies and Nate Tkacz sat down with Professor Philip Mirowski to talk more about some of the main themes of the conference. Mirowski talks more about his recent research, including the developments that led to his new book Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste. The podcast also includes discussions of the reemergence of openness; the position of Popper within the Mont Pelerin Society; Wikipedia and Facebook; Neo-positivism and Big Data; and the limits of Social Studies of Finance in relation to Neoliberal political strategy.

You can listen to the podcast here:

In Never Let a Serious Crisis go to Waste Mirowski—taking no prisoners in his pursuit of “zombie” economists—surveys the wreckage of what passes for economic thought, finally providing the basis for an anti-neoliberal assessment of the current crisis and our future prospects. It publishes later this month.