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“New Face, Same Imperialism”

Clara Heyworth 5 October 2010

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To coincide with his event in Melbourne to launch The Obama Syndrome, Tariq Ali has written an article for The Age in which he lays out just how Obama's foreign policy "mirrors the ugliness of the Bush years." In an effort to match the brilliance of Verso's cover for The Obama Syndrome, The Age accompanied Ali's article with this image by Matt Davidson—not bad at all.

Matt Davidson's image stays true to the tenor of Ali's article—and indeed The Obama Syndrome itself:

There was no fundamental break in foreign policy between the Bush and Obama regimes. The strategic goals and imperatives of the US imperium remain the same, as do its principal theatres and means of operation.


From Palestine through Iraq to Iran, Obama has acted as just another steward of the US empire, pursuing the same aims as his predecessors, with the same means but with a more emollient rhetoric. In Afghanistan, he has gone further, widening the front of imperial aggression with a major escalation of violence, both technological and territorial.

Visit The Age to read the article in full.

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