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Ninth installment of Racecraft podcast with Dr. Karen E. Fields

Jisu Kim30 August 2013

The ninth installment of Intelatin producer Sergio Muñoz's discussion series with Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life co-author Karen Fields is now available online. Featuring guest Dr. Asia Leeds, professor of African Diaspora Studies at Spelman College, and led by K-Beach radio host Miz, this installation take the Fields' work out of the continental US and applies it to the entire Western hemisphere.

Over the course of the last several months, Karen E. Fields's work has acted as the cornerstone for the series’s discussions on “race-crafting,” or the construction of racial myths in American society.

In this installment, Dr. Leeds takes the methodology of Racecraft to Costa Rica, and speaks to the racial dimensions of the word “American” once people leave the continental US.

Visit the podcast archive at the Intelatin Cloudcast to download or listen to the shows in full.