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David Harvey's A Companion to Marx's Capital: A rich and outstanding book

Clara Heyworth 6 October 2010

In a short review of A Companion to Marx's Capital for Choice, Michael Perelman declares "no short review can do justice to this outstanding book." 

Unlike most books on Capital, which tend to begin with a predetermined interpretation and then find suitable quotations to back it up, Harvey (CUNY Graduate Center) has produced a companion to guide readers through the thicket of Marx's great work—the social science equivalent of Finnegans Wake. Along the way, Harvey carefully helps readers understand what Marx is doing. Marx is using a particular term; why is he doing it? Marx seems to be going on a tangent; why? Many readers who pick up this book expecting to find a potted version of Capital are likely to be drawn to reading the original. To Harvey's credit, his own interpretation slides off to the background, allowing readers to form their own opinions, except for his correct insistence that Marx's categories must be seen in terms of social relations. At times, the presentation can be challenging, but the richness of this book will make readers forgive any bumps in the road. No short review can do justice to this outstanding book ... Essential. 

Visit to access David Harvey's Capital lectures online.

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