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'The Spectacle Today'—McKenzie Wark on Expanding Mind

Marianna Reis 7 November 2013

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McKenzie Wark, author of The Spectacle of Disintegration, made a recent radio appearance on Expanding Mind with Erik Davis. Wark and Davis waxed philosophical on the Situationist International, the radical possibilities of play and gaming, and the anxiety and boredom that accompany modernity. Wark reflected:  

"In some ways, the great danger for this commodified universe is our boredom with it ... There is this sort of dialectic that you could tease out, that even in this overdeveloped late-capitalist world, that boredom was still this kind of critical energy that you could work on and try to theorize and then act on, to find other kinds of belonging, other kinds of desire, other kinds of life."

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