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Popmatters: Praise for Lynne Segal's Out of Time

Hélène Barthélemy18 November 2013

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In a review published in Popmatters last week, Catherine Ramsdell lauds Lynne Segal's new book, Out of Time: The Pleasures and Perils of Ageing. Ramsdell praises the book's wide scope, Lynne Segal's admirable "bluntness" as well as her impressive research. In a society where old age is increasingly perceived as shameful, the baby-boomers are simultaneously scapegoated and deprived of power, deemed responsible for present catastrophies but robbed of a role within society. Lynne Segal's book crucially explores an oft forgotten segment of population. Yet, as Ramsdell writes:

The book’s point is not to depress or scare, however, and while some of the information may not be all sunshine and flowers, it does live up to the praise. Elaine Showalter closes her introduction, stating “It’s about time for a book like Out of Time, compassionate, seasoned, honest, and wise, which asks questions about age but aims to enlighten, rather than frighten us.” Showalter might have added hopeful to that list.

She concludes:

This book is a wonderfully honest look into a subject everyone should be thinking about. 

Visit Popmatters to read the review in full.

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