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Your best Hegel memes!

20 October 2014

Your best Hegel memes!

Thanks to everyone who made us laugh last week with the many brilliant Hegel memes that were posted on twitter and facebook!

It was a tough job but we've chosen our favourite 10, and the winners will recieve a copy of Slavoj Žižek' Absolute Recoil and Fredric Jameson's The Hegel VariationsThe original competition details are here.

1) @sonderino:

We also liked The Dance of the Dialectic!

2) @1755Dictionary:

3) @francis_russell:

4) @nebehrgudahtt:

5) @cunningevan:
Animated gif - see it move here!

Animated gif - see it more here!

7) @Kiebner

8) @StevoJunor:

9) @paranormalxrist:

10) Thomas Bonde (facebook)

If you're a winner please email jennifer[at]verso[dot]co[dot]uk with your full name and postal address.

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