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“Climbing Marx's Mountain”

Clara Heyworth20 October 2010

Billy Wharton has posted a new review of the already much-loved A Companion to Marx's Capital by David Harvey. Writing for Socialist Webzine, Wharton confirms what many other reviewers have stated: "Harvey's companion is a necessary resource."

Like a guide escorting wary climbers up the side of a treacherous mountain, David Harvey informs his readers that his seemingly simple goal is "to get you to read a book by Karl Marx called Capital." Much like the mountain guide, Harvey's new A Companion to Marx's Capital offers assistance all through the ascent. Whether it is labor theory of value or the mysteries of commodity fetishism, Harvey's companion is a necessary resource for the uninitiated and a challenge to frequent readers of Capital.


If you are willing to take on the challenges presented by Marx's Capital, you can employ no more qualified guide than David Harvey. The reward that awaits you at the end will certainly be worth the sometimes arduous journey.

Visit Socialist Webzine to read the review in full.

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