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Bifo and me

McKenzie Wark25 February 2015

I first came across Franco Berardi, aka Bifo, in a 1984 issue of Semiotext(e). His piece there, called 'Sand in the Mouth', is about what to do after a defeat, about how to go into the desert and start again. I did not meet him until the 90s, when we were at the legendary Virtual Futures conference at Warwick University together, and then only in passing. So it was a great pleasure to be asked by Not An Alternative to interview him before a live audience in 2009. A truly exhausting experience, in the best possible sense, given his lively intellect. It is a good introduction to some of the themes of his new book, Heroes Here's the video. 

(1/2) Italian Media Theorist & Cultural Agitator “Bifo” w/ MacKenzie Wark from Not An Alternative on Vimeo.

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