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“The Waning of Obama: Fanon, D'Souza, Obama and the Echoes of Colonialism"

Clara Heyworth20 October 2010

In an extended—and fascinating—article for the Sri Lanka Guardian, Vijay Prashad finds cause to mention Tariq Ali's similarly myth-busting The Obama Syndrome:

The Obama Syndrome: Surrender at Home, War Abroad documents the collapse of the Myth into a thousand pieces (David Remnick's The Bridge admits to much of the same defenestration of a New Deal charter into the Potomac, where it floated past the Pentagon to hearty cheers). Tariq indicts Obama for hypocrisy and a failure of nerve, whether in dealing with the banking crisis or the escalation in Afghanistan. The charge sheet is comprehensive, but of course not exhaustive ...

Visit the Sri Lanka Guardian to read the article in full.