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SALVAGE issue one is ready!

John Merrick, Rosie Warren30 July 2015

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You may remember a few months ago we told you about Salvage's appeal for crowd-funding for their first issue. Not only did they reach their funding target but they now have the finished copies ready and waiting to be sent out to everyone who donated/bought/subscribed. If you haven't already picked up a copy, then you can purchase Issue 1, alongside subscriptions, tote bags and keyrings, at the Salvage webstore.

And keep checking back on their website for plenty of exclusive web-only content, which currently includes China Miéville's brand-new short story The Dusty Hat, Magpie Corvid's Marxism for Whores and Richard Seymour's general election post-mortem.

The Salvage website describes the project thus:

How did the Left fuck this up so badly?

We have not lacked for revolt: from the Arab world, through Brazil and Turkey, all the way to Lower Manhattan Occupy.

But into what channel do these rivulets run? 

Where are the rough beasts whose birth we await?

Why has the enemy – still – not ceased to be victorious?

In Salvage we hope to pose these questions, if not – yet – to answer them. Salvage is by and for all those who despise the rule of capital, inequality and oppression - but who cannot stomach any more the bad faith in which the opponents of that system have come to live and breathe.

We abjure the typical and grotesque left chimera of sentimentalism, moralism and bullshit. We despise the bad dialectic of defensiveness and self-aggrandisement.

We do not despair, but we are despair-curious.

Across literary form and theoretical loyalty, featuring essays, poetry, art and fiction, obsessed with politics, economics, art and the (post)(anti)human, Salvage declares for austere revolutionary pessimism. 

SALVAGE Issue 1 features pieces by the likes of Alberto Toscano, Kevin Ovenden, Trish Kahle, Morgane Merteuil, China Miéville, Mary Robertson, Neil Davidson and Joana Ramiro, translations of the work of Franco Fortini, the poetry of Caitín Doherty and the artwork of Season Butler, Karen Mirza and Laura Oldfield Ford.

Future issues will reportedly feature the work of editor-in-chief, Rosie Warren, Jord/ana Rosenberg, Benjamin Kunkel, Katy Fox-Hoddess,  Robert Knox, Charlotte Bence, Andrea Gibbons and many more.