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Can You Find the “Easter Egg” in Verso’s Archive?

Verso Books14 August 2015

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To celebrate stolen hours on summer Fridays, we’re excited to announce a one-time-only Verso giveaway: 

Today—Friday, August 14—from 10am in the UK to 6pm in the US, there will at all times be a single print book hiding in plain sight in the Verso archive that is 100% off, with free shipping and a free ebook. 

That’s right. The book is completely FREE.

That is, if you can find it.

In order to play, you must enter the Verso site through this specific link: 

Please invite your friends to try their luck by sharing far and wide! 

Every 30 minutes, the 100% discount will automatically be applied to a new book in the Verso catalogue, and the discount will last for 20 minutes. We’ll be tweeting out hints with the hashtag #versoeasteregg to help our hard-core readers use their powers of deduction, but if you can’t make sense of the clues within 20 minutes, you have to start all over with a new mystery book. Or do you prefer to try your luck with random clicking? Either way, you’ll know it when you land on the jackpot. If you add the free book to your cart at any point in the 20 minute period it has the discount applied to it, consider it in the bag. You will need to check out within the 20 minutes! There are a limited number of copies per giveaway so get your free book asap!

Follow us at @versobooks and #versoeasteregg for hints throughout the day.  

Remember, THIS IS THE MAGIC LINK to participate in the hunt! Share it far and wide. And good luck! 

- The Verso Books Staff 

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