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The Bookseller Profile: André Schiffrin

Sarah Shin28 October 2010

Graeme Neill, reporting for The Bookseller, meets André Schiffrin, author of Words & Money and The Business of Books. They talk (book)shop about what can be done to save the book trade: 

The timing of my meeting with André Schiffrin, long-standing critic of corporate publishing, legendary Pantheon publisher of old and independent firebrand of now with the not-for-profit house the New Press, could not have been better. It came just days after the bonfire of the quangos and Chancellor George Osborne's Comprehensive Spending Review, which cut a swathe through the public sector ...

Schiffrin argues in his new book, Words & Money (Verso), that the healthiest publishing industries are those that have a degree of public sector involvement. He says that in Norway, the government buys a set number of books each year at full price and donates them to public libraries ...

Visit The Bookseller to read the article in full. 

Schiffrin discussed the future of the book trade and newspaper industry in more depth with Roy Greenslade, professor of journalism at City University and media commentator for the Guardian, and David Roth-ey, Harper Collins' digital director, at the ICA on October 21 2010.

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