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“The best radical political reading on the web”—Bookforum

Clara Heyworth28 October 2010

Bookforum recently ran a short piece in praise of some "snazzy" new websites coming out of the publishing world. Verso featured prominently, flagged up alongside FSG and Phaidon. In short, Verso provides "the best radical political reading on the web."

Not long ago, book publisher's websites were mostly bland promotional fare: author photos, catalog copy, and—if you were lucky—perhaps a reading group guide. But lately, we've been spending more time on the snazzy websites of publishers like FSG, Phaidon, and Verso, which include interviews, multimedia, and blogs ... The indie publisher Verso's site has some of the best radical political reading on the web, with its books, authors, and events presented in an engaging format, as well as a blog and discussion forum.

Visit Bookforum to read the post in full—because the Bookforum website is excellent, too.