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Why Comic Books are Helping us Process Human Rights Issues: La Lucha in GQ

Haneen Adi26 August 2015

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Flora Carr highlights La Lucha: The Story of Lucha Castro and Human Rights in Mexico in her piece about graphic novels and their emerging role in human rights advocacy for GQ

It's the first in a series of graphic novels that look at the daily lives of human rights workers and, for Shapiro, the appeal of comic books is the association with a more traditional trope. "Yes, the pictures make the stories more human, but at the same time there's that connection with the heroic… I had always seen activists as real-life superheroes."

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La Lucha is the story of Lucha Castro, human rights advocate in Mexico, illustrated in beautiful and chilling comic book art, rendering in rich detail the stories of families ripped apart by disappearances and murders—especially gender-based violence—and the remarkably brave advocacy, protests, and investigations of ordinary citizens who turned their grief into resistance.

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