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Uncertainty, Austerity and Resistance: Tariq Ali talks to Caterina Principe of Portugal's Left Bloc

Duncan Thomas 7 October 2015

Portugal's recent election has left the country with an uncertain future. While the incumbant, austerity-supportiing Portugal Ahead coalition (formed of the Social Democratic Party and the People's Party) won the largest number of seats (predicted 100), it fell well short of a parliamentary majority - and, with no minority government having survived a full term in Portugal since the 1974 Revolution, the next few years are hard to predict.

The Socialist Party, with 32% of the vote, almost equalled the support of the coalition in proportional terms. The more radical Left Bloc and the traditional Communist Party won 10% and 8% respectively. 

In other words, the country's anti-austrerity Left still has room for both parliamentary and extra-parliamentary manoeuvre. Filmed prior to the election, this interview sees Tariq Ali and Caterina Principe of the Left Bloc discuss the impact of the SDP's brutal austerity measures, as well as the prospects of resistance and Portugal's political future.

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Interview originally published on Telesur.