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The Gothamist presents Landmarks, the anti-walking tour of NYC

Verso Books12 November 2015

Image for blog post entitled <em>The Gothamist</em> presents <em>Landmarks</em>, the anti-walking tour of NYC
Welcome to LANDMARKS, the anti-walking tour of New York, based off of Verso's new anti-history of New York

The digital tour's stop at Washington Square Park:

We would watch the sky lighten and have a last drink with no ice and then go home in the early morning light, when the streets were clean and wet (had it rained in the night? we never knew) and the few cruising taxis still had their headlights on and the only color was the red and green of the traffic signals ... I liked the bleak branches above Washington Square at dawn, and the monochromatic flatness of Second Avenue, the fire escapes and the grilled storefronts peculiar and empty in their perspective.

We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live by Joan Didion

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