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Paul Mason joins the picket line at the BBC

Sarah Shin 5 November 2010

Paul Mason, author of Meltdown, Newsnight economics editor and father of the Newsnight National Union of Journalists chapel, joined BBC colleagues on the picket line this morning at Television Centre.

Speaking to the Guardian, Paul criticised the BBC management for "systematically disparaging their own work force ... We're sorry to the British public, who have to rely on Rupert Murdoch and Richard Desmond [for their news today]."

Visit the Guardian for more coverage of the strike.

The BBC have confirmed that Newsnight will be cancelled tonight as result of the strike.

The BBC staff are striking in defense of their current pension arrangements. The proposed new arrangements from management would see workers paying in more contributions, working longer and getting less in retirement.

Visit the National Union of Journalists website for more information.

The new and updated edition of Paul Mason's book Meltdown has just been published by Verso. It provides a detailed and riveting account of the failed neo-liberal economic paradigm which led to the current crisis, and which is now being used as a cover to undermine workers employment conditions.

Verso wishes Paul Mason and his colleagues success in their campaign.

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