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Dreamers of a New Day picked up by The Times of Shreveport, Louisiana

Clara Heyworth 7 November 2010

In The Times of Shreveport's "At the Library" section, Hanna Thi Hoang writes, not entirely originally, of Sheila Rowbotham's Dreamers of A New Day:

Amid the growth of global trade, mass production and immigration that dominated the period from the 1880s to the onset of the First World War, an awakening was taking place among American and British women. Across the Atlantic and across political boundaries, female pioneers shared a sense that social change was possible, and acted upon that belief. This narrative explores the period when women overturned social norms to define themselves as individuals.

Very successful in hardback, Dreamers of a New Day will be released in paperback in July 2011.

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